Friday, December 28, 2012

Miss America Chavez

Another Project Rooftop Character Fan Art Friday Redesign.   This time it was for Miss America Chavez who is a member of the Young Avengers from Marvel Comics.  This is a variation of the one that I had entered, though it wasn't the first drawing that I did.    I had done another drawing before this, but found I didn't really like it, cause the pose wasn't pushed enough and the feel of that drawing was off, even though that drawing was ok.   So the night before it was due I knocked this one out.  After the contest I went back and touched that drawing up a bit to have what you see below.

Also after that Fan Art Friday I went back and did a variation of the original drawing, trying to push the pose into something that I wanted more.  The concept of it was, that she was suppose to be borrowing Captain America's shield and taking cover as there was gun fire coming at her from a catwalk behind her.

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